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March 26, 2009

Utah Screwed (again) with the Help of Jim Matheson

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For several years there has been a land swap deal in the works in Washington County. Under the deal negotiated over about a five year period, the State would deed some 90,000 acres of land to the Federal Government to be preserved as wilderness and in exchange the Federal Government would sell some 25,000 acres of federal land to developers and the proceeds would go to Washington County to help support the cost of providing services for the new development.

Well, yesterday, with the full support of Congressman Jim Matheson (D-UT), who supposedly helped negotiate the deal, passed a different version. Under the deal passed in congress, the federal government is taking 250,000 acres of Utah land and selling 5,000 acres of federal land to developers. Oh, and by the way, the funds from the sale goes to the federal government. This is typical of the leftist view of a win-win deal, the feds win by stealing our land and win again by stealing our money.

Thank you, Congressman Matheson, for once again screwing your own constituents and all of the people of Utah.

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