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December 31, 2009

Open letter to Senator Orrin Hatch

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I just heard your statement on full body imaging. You, sir, are an idiot! There is absolutely NO excuse for such an invasion of privacy! There are more effective, less expensive and less invasive methods to screen for explosives. This is just one more invasion of privacy and the right to be secure in ones person. What is next, full strip and cavity searches?

There is great wisdom in the statement “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve niether Liberty nor Safety.” (Benjamin Franklin).

When terrorists force us to give up our freedom, they have won. There is no such thing as government provided security. The only true security comes from one’s own spiritual and temporal preparedness, government can only provide invasions of privacy and a pretense of security, which history has proved repeatedly, provides no real security. Personal safety comes only from each individual being able to protect and defend himself, not being stripped of the means of self defense by a tyrannical government.

If you were even half of the man you claim to be, you would be taking strong, decisive, action to restore the liberties of the American citizens and stop the continued onslaught against our rights and freedom!

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